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New Play Festival Past Winners

The following is a summary of past winners of the New Play Festival:

2017 New Play Festival
Feather'd Choir by Jeremy Hermann Ten Minute Category
Memories of the American Occupation by Paul Lewis Ten Minute Category
Mixed Nuts by George Bryjak Ten Minute Category
Night and Fog by Kathleen Davis One Act Category
Spilled Dictators by Andrew Rosdail One Act Category
Summers in Prague by Deanna Strasse One Act Category
My Beautiful Infinity by David Vazdauskas Full Length Category
The Women of Cheboksary by Emily Schoenbeck Fell Length Category
The Notorious Nugget by Mark & Lauren Arnest Musical Category
2016 New Play Festival
Exhibitions at a Picture by Joyce Fontana Ten Minute Category
Gratitude Attitude by Ashley Flesher Ten Minute Category
The Way We Suffer by Deanna Strasse Ten Minute Category
Colorado Sunset by Jeff Carter One Act Category
Good Morning, Miriam by Jacquelyn Floyd Priskorn One Act Category
The Simple Mind of Dillon Magee by A. D. Hasselbring One Act Category
Corbenic by Michael Peroz Full Length Category
Cross Words by Scott Gibson Fell Length Category
The Snowmaker by Aleks Merilo Full Length Category
Zany Planets by Rex McGregor Theatre for Youth Category
2015 New Play Festival
Intermission by Matthew Loren Cohen Ten Minute Category
Bully Bully by Esta Fischer Ten Minute Category
Fair Trade Coffee by Maurice Herzing Ten Minute Category
The Real Inspector Hound Kisses the Spider-Woman by David Wilcox One Act Category
The Smelly Girl by Cary Gitter One Act Category
Living Tesla by Kim Esop Wylie One Act Category
Weak Days by Hillary DePiano One Act Category
Fertile by Tony Foster One Act Category
Macho Manly Men by Michael Gordon Shapiro Full Length Category
Santa Maria del Mar by John Krisak Full Length Category
2014 New Play Festival
Page Ten by Amy Crider Ten Minute Category
Beige is the New Plum Crazy by Garrett Heater Ten Minute Category
Eve of the Vertebrates by Christian Simonsen Ten Minute Category
Touché Cliché Touché by Everett Chambers Ten Minute Category
The Colonial Diner by Jack Karp One Act Category
The Mugging by Fred Roberts One Act Category
Spoken For by S.L. Daniels One Act Category
Ayn Rand by Gregory Dodds One Act Category
A Dragon is Coming by Christine Williamson Full Length Category
Calypso's Corner by Emily Rosenbaum Full Length Category
2013 New Play Festival
A Dark and Stormy Night by Scott Dixon Ten Minute Category
But Soft by David Clow Ten Minute Category
My Broken Kenmore by Bridget Erin Ten Minute Category
Role Playing by David Edenbach Ten Minute Category
Daniil Kharms: A Life in Oce Act and Several Dozen Eggs by Nancy Cooper Frank One Act Category
Fall by Audra Lord One Act Category
Serendipity by Lynn-Steven Johanson One Act Category
The Antichrist Cometh by David MacGregor Full Length Category
The Death of Captain Hero by Amy Crider Full Length Category
The Worst Play in the History of Ever by Jeffrey Wolf Theatre for Youth Category
2012 New Play Festival
Good Talk by James McLindon Ten Minute Category
Guess What? by Paul Lewis Ten Minute Category
Pop by Andrea Rassler Ten Minute Category
Witlacks Disorder by Richard Manley Ten Minute Category
A Brief History of Mah Jongg by Faye Sholiton One Act Category
Failing Consumption by Lauren & Mark Arnest One Act Category
IO: A Sequel to Prometheus Bound by Christian Simonsen One Act Category
Jane the Plain by August Schulenburg Full Length Category
The Light in the Refrigerator by Laura Zlatos Full Length Category
Mom! book by Judy Freed; music & additional lyrics by Sari Miller; lyrics by Randi Wolfe Musical Category
The Wind in the Willows by Kurt Misar & Brad Beaver Theatre for Youth Category
2011 New Play Festival
Curse the Darkness by Patrick Gabridge Ten Minute Category
The Buffer by Mike Allegra Ten Minute Category
Sense & Insensibility by Dan Borengasser One Act Category
The Watch by Trace Crawford One Act Category
Grandma's Little Helper by Kris Bauske Full Length Category
Noir(ish) by Evan Guilford-Blake Full Length Category
The Commission by Daivd Clow Full Length Category
2010 New Play Festival
Candlelight by Matthew Carlin Ten Minute Category
InSex by Jeffrey Neuman Ten Minute Category
Missing by Robin Pond Ten Minute Category
Retirement Party by Ron Frankel Ten Minute Category
Assisted Living by Jeffrey Newman Ten Minute Category
No Flash Bright Enough by James Sievert One Act Category
We Gather Together by Vicki Riba Koestler Full Length Category
Thorns by Michael Peroz Full Length Category
HMS Headwind by Michael Gordon Shapiro Musical Category
Maggie the Pirate by Joshua H. Cohen & James Armstrong Musical Category
2009 New Play Festival
Old/Bored/Trouble/Dead by John Allison Ten Minute Category
Have Your Cake by Sara Ilyse Jacobson Ten Minute Category
Good God Enters Flossing by J. Stephen Brantley Ten Minute Category
The Winner Is... by Arash Karami Ten Minute Category
Merry-Go-Round by Sam Wallin One Act Category
Cue by M. Thomas Cooper One Act Category
Ponzi on Sunday by Jon Steinhagen Full Length Category
Cossacks Under Water by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2008 New Play Festival
Dancing About Architecture by John C. Davenport Ten Minute Category
12 Steps to Happy Hour by Matt Wexler Ten Minute Category
A Stake in Cake by Justin Boyd Ten Minute Category
Esla and Frinz Go Partying by Bruze Shearer Ten Minute Category
Rules for a Knife Fight by Max Wexler One Act Category
Wrestling the Alligator by Sergei Burbank Full Length Category
Bridget's Girl by Barbara Dixon Musical Category
Blonde Giovanni by Rick Raasch Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2007 New Play Festival
Hard to Swallow by Daniel Curzon Ten Minute Category
Falling from the Sky by Matt Heftler Ten Minute Category
Guts by Arden Kass Ten Minute Category
Canvas by G. Bruce Smith One Act Category
Burying Barbie by Christopher Dimond One Act Category
Crossing Event Horizon by Kevin Rush Full Length Category
2006 New Play Festival
The Ten Minute Play by Marika Barnett Ten Minute Category
Life Savings by David Schrag Ten Minute Category
SANE by Jessica Foster Ten Minute Category
Living With the Rules by John A. Donnelly One Act Category
A Personal Appearance by Donald Steele One Act Category
Love and Sex Over Drinks by Joe Bays Full Length Category
The Numerous Numbers and the Magical Plus Sign by Dan Sherrier Theatre for Youth Category
Paper Dolls by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2005 New Play Festival
A vs. B by Marika Tamaki & Lindy Zucker Ten Minute Category
Countdown to Matrimony: An American Monomyth in Under Ten Pages by Conrad E. Davidson Ten Minute Category
Pathos by Rob Bodor Ten Minute Category
Shades by Mark Harvey Levine Ten Minute Category
The Word: A Filthy Little Play by Mark Harvey Levine Ten Minute Category
Leftovers by Scott McMorrow One Act Category
Picnic by Christine Flanagan One Act Category
The Quality of Light by Richard Martin Hirsch Full Length Category
The Commedia Robin Hood by Lane Riosley Theatre for Youth Category
Wild Women of Planet Wongo by Ben Budick, Steve Mackes & Dave Ogrin Musical Category
Paper Cuts by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission
Who's Afraid of Peter & the Wolf by Rick Raasch Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2004 New Play Festival
Missing Matter by Helen Hill Ten Minute Category
When One is Gone by Steve Bluestein One Act Category
Picnic by Christine Flanagan One Act Category
Snowflake's Story: In Search of the Fabled Land of New Jersey by Nikki Harmon Theatre for Youth Category
The Commistar by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2003 New Play Festival
The Marriage of Marcus Tyler by Matthew N. Fotis One Act Category
Guns, Lies & Lullabies by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission
Love's Shadow on Snow by Rick Raasch Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2002 New Play Festival
Broken Loyalties by Christopher Karbo Full Length Category
For the Perserverance of Plentitude by Laura Henry Full Length Category
One Was Assulted by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission
2001 New Play Festival
Are We There Yet? by Kent R. Brown One Act Category
The Volunteer by Kent R. Brown One Act Category
Shattered Perspectives by John Otte Full Length Category
New and Nobler Life by Timothy Braatz Playwright-in-Residence Submission

Several past New Play Contest winning scripts have been produced by The Chameleon Theatre Circle:

  • We Gather Together by Vicki Riba Koestler - November 2011
  • Paper Dolls by Timothy Braatz - September 2009
  • Crossing Event Horizon by Kevin Rush - November 2007
  • Paper Cuts by Timothy Braatz – October 2005
  • Snowflake's Story by Nikki Harmon – January/April 2005 & spring of 2006
  • Love's Shadow On Snow by Rick Raasch - March 2004
  • Are We There Yet? by Kent R. Brown - May 2002
  • New & Nobler Life by Timothy Braatz - Minnesota Fringe Festival, August 3-12, 2001
  • Helena Handbasket by Timothy Braatz - February 2001

The Chameleon Theatre Circle has also produced these original plays:

  • Monsters In America: Puppets of Mass Distraction (created by the company) - 2006 Minnesota Fringe Festival
  • Death Penalty Puppetry (created by the company) – 2004 Minnesota Fringe Festival
  • How I Wonder What You Are - Seven original plays by seven playwrights - January 2004
    • Believe In It by Kim Kivens
    • The Boy Who Dies With The Most Mommies Wins by Rick Raasch
    • Child of Mine by Lysa Clayburn
    • H-I-J-K-LMNOP (but not Q) by G.J. Clayburn
    • Pull Falcon's Feather Lever by Tim Kuehl
    • Twinkle by Timothy Braatz
    • Un, Deux, Trois by Clare Jodzio McDermott
  • Pollyholiday by Rick Raasch - March 2003
  • I Could Kick Your Ass by Daniel K. McDermott - January 2003
  • If Garrett McDermott Were A Bowl of Prize-Winning Chili by Rick Raasch - November 2002