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A Gaggle of Saints
(one act from Bash)
Written by Neil LaBute
Directed by Matthew Greseth
March 27-31, 2007
April 21-22, 2007
Winner - Best of Festival - MACT*Fest 2007
Winner - 2nd Place - AACTFest Region V 2007
Winner - Outstanding Direction - AACTFest Region V 2007
Winner - Outstanding Actor - AACTFest Region V 2007
Winner - Outstanding Lighting Design - AACTFest Region V 2007
John: Ryan Grimes
Sue: Mykel Pennington
Producers: Lysa Clayburn, Jim Vogel
Stage Manager: Jim Vogel
Costumes:  Lisa Diesslin
Technical Director:  Andi Billig
A Gaggle of Saints is a one-act from Bash that was performed by The Chameleon Theatre Circle at the AACTFest Region V 2007 in Liberty, MO on Saturday, April 28. We are proud to announce that A Gaggle of Saints has received Second Place, Outstanding Director (Matthew Greseth), Outstanding Actor (Ryan Grimes) and Oustanding Lighting Design (Andi Billig). Complete AACTFest Region V results are available here or MACT*Fest 2007 results are available here.

What is MACT*Fest and AACT Fest?
MACT*Fest is a state festival that is organized by the Minnesota Association of Community Theatres, in association with the American Association of Community Theatres festival series. These festivals are held every two years in each state, with "Best of Festival" winners moving on to regional festivals.  For MACT*Fest 2007, 14 community theatres from around Minnesota gathered in Willmar and performed for public adjudication, as well as to attend workshops geared towards acting, stagecraft and theatre in general.

Each production has simple rules that must be followed:

  • The entire set must fit within a 10x10-foot area "on-deck space" (usually at the far upstage area in view of the audience, blocked off by curtains during productions)
  • Each production has ten minutes to set up from their on-deck space. All performers as well as technicians who handle set pieces, costumes or properties must begin and end in this space.
  • The total length of each production may not exceed 60 minutes
  • Each production has ten minutes following their performance to strike their set back to the 10x10-foot "on-deck space"

Three adjudicators individually critique each play that was presented. At the conclusion of productions, the adjudicators compare all of the productions and decide on awards, including two "Best of Festival" awards. These productions have the option of continuing on to the AACT Region V Festival, which is always held shortly after MACT*Fest takes place.

AACT Region V consist of community theatres from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, North and South Dakota. One production will then be selected to represent AACT Region V at the AACT National Festival, this year being held in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 18-24.

A Gaggle of Saints is The Chameleon Theatre Circle's fifth entry and fourth "Best of Festival" winner of MACT*Fest. Other "Best of Festival" productions by The Chameleon Theatre Circle are Assassins (1999); A New Brain (2003); and Snowflake's Story (2005).  The Chameleon Theatre Circle has won 29 awards at State, Regional and National festivals.

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